Building Firm Foundations

Silverback Concrete is a family-led team of heavy-concrete specialists. They build commercial structures for contractors who expect unrivaled quality.

When we first met then-named Southeastern Concrete, they were ready to rebrand but we could see that a new brand strategy and visual identity would only take them so far. Their name wasn’t memorable or distinctive, and a quick search turned up at least nine other companies in the US with the same name. It was time for a new moniker, as well.

Owner Frank Stankunas exudes joy and steadiness that grow from his deep faith in God. His team is known for rugged discipline, precision and grit. We embedded these qualities in every touchpoint from their website to photography, signage and branded gear.

As for the name, what their clients need most is assurance backed by expertise. What could be more assuring than a powerful, peaceful, silverback gorilla?

Meet Mack.

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Gorilla logo; 'Mack' Silverback Concrete.
Gorilla logo; 'Mack' Silverback Concrete.
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Concrete Purpose

Through our Essential Branding process, we built Silverback’s brand from the inside out, authentically reflecting the people behind the gorilla. The statements below are just a few highlights from Silverback’s brand strategy and messaging. We wrote these words and more for internal guidance on leadership, business development and culture as well as evergreen messaging for all of their public communications.

Why we're here

Building Firm Foundations for Generations.

What we do & how

Concrete & Steel. Precision & Grit.

The raw and human materials of our craft are simple yet powerful when put to good use. Through time-tested know-how, exacting standards and rugged workmanship, we pour and finish structures that can weather any storm.

The problem we solve

Carelessness Is Costly.

You’ve got 16 subs to manage. A cold front is moving in. The owner added a fourth floor and the move-in date is non-negotiable.

“Construction management is for the fainthearted,” says nobody ever.

When it comes to the crews you rely on, you need carelessness like you need a hole in your head. This rings truer for concrete than any other aspect of construction. There is, quite literally, a lot riding on it.

You need pros and team-players who sweat the details. Who respect your budget. Who can handle concrete in any form from footers to elevated decks. And you’ll get the most value from a leader who cares about the people grinding away on the job today as well as those who will use the finished product tomorrow.


We’ve Got Your Back.

Construction site, workers at night under generator lights.
Branded company shirts for contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Branded company shirts for contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Branded company shirts for contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Construction worker finishing job under lights at night; Silverback Concrete.
Profession construction photography, metal cutting.
Profession photo of construction worker with equipment; Silverback Concrete.
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Like a good coach, Steel Brothers did the deep research of finding out who we are, how we’re different and what’s really at stake from our client’s perspective. They found a genuine, accessible way to connect our personal beliefs to the concrete we pour. In a field that isn’t exactly known for getting philosophical, this was no easy task. Now, folks take us more seriously in the bidding process. We’ve seen a difference from the name change alone. It’s much easier to market Silverback than Southeastern Concrete. Our message and our visual identity finally reflect who we’ve been all along and why our work matters. In terms of ROI, our revenue has increased almost sixfold in the three years since we started working with Steel Brothers. A tremendous factor in that growth has been the distinction and traction that our brand generates – even when we’re sleeping. In a word, the work Steel Brothers delivered is powerful.”
Professional outdoor portrait photo of man on construction site.

Frank Stankunas, President

Commercial window decal; 'Mack' Silverback Concrete.
Office decorations, company moto
Branded vehicle decals; Silverback Concrete.
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Branded website, commercial contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Branded website, commercial contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Branded website, commercial contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Mobile site breakpoint example; Silverback Concrete Mobile.
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We launched Silverback’s new website in January 2021 along with an email blast written as a personal letter from Frank. Within a few days after launch, he received 40 texts and calls congratulating him on the new brand and site.

At the beginning of our relationship in 2020, Silverback didn’t have an office. Most of their clients were in north-central Florida, and they’d just begun working in Virginia.

Fast forward to the end of 2023. Silverback’s revenue has grown nearly sixfold. They have two offices, one in Gainesville and another in southern Virginia. Five concrete plants. A fleet of best-in-class trucks and equipment. Global clients like Skanska.

Here’s Frank again, reflecting on the results of our work together.

“Contractors used to ask us, ‘Are you the guys in Florida, Georgia or Texas?’

Nobody asks us that anymore. There’s no more confusion. Everybody knows we’re the Silverback, based in Florida, with a reach stretching up to Virginia.

Some of the biggest contractors in the US love Mack so much they’ve asked for one of our hard hats or shirts.

Our public image finally reflects the quality of work we’ve always stood for.

Not only did the Essential Branding process give our brand a strong foundation, but I learned new things about myself in the process. Who am I? What do I stand for? And by extension, what do I want our company to stand for – not just for my family, but for generations to come? What’s the legacy we want to leave behind?”

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