Invisibility is for wizards, not businesses.

It’s hard to communicate when the world won’t stop yelling. Lots of messages. Tons of images. Many promises. Most of them empty.

We know what it’s like to have a powerful idea and struggle to reach the people who would benefit. To feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of brands we encounter every day.

Maybe you’re going through a sea change in your service offering or leadership. Your public image no longer reflects who you are and what you’re about. Teammates aren’t sure what you stand for anymore and how your values connect with theirs.

Or maybe you’ve come this far on reputation alone. The competition is fierce and only getting fiercer. You need an ace in the hole, a secret incantation, a fly in your competitors’ ointment. A way to position your company as the obvious choice for clients and ideal teammates.

The desires we all have – to find identity and freedom, make a difference, connect – these are older than business. Older than cave paintings.

Everyone needs a guide in seasons of major change. An investigator who can dig deeper than what you do and how, uncovering the real gold of who you are, why your company exists and why it matters. A strategist with a deep curiosity about what makes people tick. An artist who sees what’s hiding in plain sight. A writer who can define your brand and culture – once and for all. And you need a designer who can make iconic, delightful identities and experiences that select the right audience and draw an indelible picture in their minds.

This is where Steel Brothers comes in.

We’re a transformation consultancy for businesses that are ready for significant change.

Ampersand logo and typography.
Creative advertising; Ampersand.
Ampersand mission statement.
Gorilla logo; 'Mack' Silverback Concrete.
Branded company shirts for contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Mobile site breakpoint example; Silverback Concrete Mobile.
Branded temporary fence signage; Silverback Concrete.
Professional website for construction company; Silverback Concrete.
Branded business card for restaurant; Herbie's French American Bistro.
Creative logotype; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
Branded brochure; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
Interactive web design; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
College advertisement posters; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
Branded street signage; Millstone Weber Construction.
Professional printed product advertising; World News Group.
Branded stationary; International Classical Music Database.

We define and design brand foundations that attract better clients, revitalize cultures and accelerate growth.

Yes, we’re designers, writers and strategists. Artists, at base. When we aren’t making, we’re listening and consulting – or thinking. Lots of thinking. Hours of imagining ways to weave unbreakable and irresistible threads of beauty and truth throughout your brand and culture.

But that’s just what we do. Emotional traction and long-lasting empowerment is what you get. And in the end? A world-class reputation.

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