Welcome, Outlier.

It’s hard to communicate when the world won’t stop yelling. Lots of messages. Tons of images. Many promises. Most of them empty.

We know what it’s like to have a unique idea and be ignored or overlooked. No one wants to be the lonely kid on a playground. The desires we all have – to find identity, be known, make a difference, connect – these are older than cave paintings.

Brands are no different. They’re made by and for people.

To connect and inspire, find your company’s purpose and use it to change how you do business. If you want an identity, you need to define it and design it.

This is where Steel Brothers comes in.

We’re a brand experience and design practice for people who think blending in is overrated.

Ampersand logo and typography.
Creative advertising; Ampersand.
Ampersand mission statement.
Gorilla logo; 'Mack' Silverback Concrete.
Branded company shirts for contractor; Silverback Concrete.
Mobile site breakpoint example; Silverback Concrete Mobile.
Branded temporary fence signage; Silverback Concrete.
Professional website for construction company; Silverback Concrete.
Branded business card for restaurant; Herbie's French American Bistro.
Creative logotype; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
Branded brochure; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
Interactive web design; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
College advertisement posters; Stevens Institute of Business and Arts.
Branded street signage; Millstone Weber Construction.
Professional printed product advertising; World News Group.
Branded stationary; International Classical Music Database.

Our clients love uncharted territory. They forge paths no one else could imagine. They believe branding shouldn’t be a tool for manipulation but rather a way of sharing beliefs and ensuring that good ideas are seen and heard.

We call them Outliers.

We turn their companies into brands that people love.

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